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Our Story

QIX was founded to provide Practical, Cost Effective and Comprehensive Cyber Security Solutions like QI Express for the Healthcare Industry. Co-founders Eric Hummel and Robert Zimmerman refused to accept the notion that healthcare security had to be costly and only accomplished by experts. They created a Simple and Comprehensive Cyber Security Solution for Small and Medium Sized Healthcare Agencies in order to help them implement proper security and protect PHI. 

Robert Zimmerman


Robert started his career 30 years ago with Andersen Consulting as an information technology consultant.   As a Deloitte Partner, he served as regional project risk services and IT audit leader as well as a regional and national diversity leader.  As an entrepreneur and business leader his current focus is on developing innovative and efficient security and privacy solutions for the healthcare industry.  This includes ensuring small and medium sized healthcare organizations are protected from the increasing cyber security threat environment. A co-founder of the Maryland Health Tech Coalition and the Central Maryland Health Tech Innovators, Robert frequently speaks on healthcare data security and technology improvement, and remains an active speaker on a range of business and technology topics.  He is also developer and lead instructor for a Health IT Fundamentals course to train women and minorities for successful careers in Health IT.

Eric Hummel


Eric has made a career of providing information technology and data security solutions that enhance operational efficiency and technology effectiveness. His current goal is to identify tipping points in technology through assessment of economic, social and technical context. To that end, he specializes in the development of innovative data, security and process management software to further patient centered healthcare and outcomes based medicine. Eric strives to clear technical obstacles to healthcare transformation for patients, primary care providers, community health and related service organizations and put the patient back at the center of healthcare and wellness.  He is a frequent speaker at healthcare and technology innovation conferences.

QIX Founders

Why Choose Us

  • We are experts in Cyber Security Risk as well as HIPAA Compliance. Our staff comes from HHS, CMS and top consulting firms.

  • We focus on the needs of Small and Medium sized Healthcare Organizations and tailor our services to be a partner with you.

  • Our Collaborative Approach results in hands-on service with an emphasis on knowledge transfer.

  • We use simplified and rapid methods to ensure that organizations save both time and money.

  • We are flexible, easy to work with and always accountable.

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