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QIX Secure leverages Information Technology, Cybersecurity, Audit and Healthcare expertise to Create Innovative Data Security Solutions

QIX was founded to provide Practical, Cost-Effective and Comprehensive Compliance and Security Solutions like QI Express for the Healthcare Industry. Co-Founders Eric Hummel and Robert Zimmerman refused to accept the notion that healthcare security had to be costly and only accomplished by experts. They created simplified and comprehensive solutions for Small and Medium-Sized Healthcare Organizations in order to help them implement data security and protect PHI.

Why Work With QIX
  • Experts in Cyber Security Risk as well as regulatory compliance.

  • Staff comes from HHS, CMS, and top consulting firms.

  • Focus on the needs of Small and Medium-sized Healthcare Organizations and tailor our services to partner with you.

  • Constantly updating our solutions and services to the changing technology and regulatory environment.

  • Not just a tool, but the support needed to be successful.

  • Collaborative, Coaching Approach results in hands-on support with an emphasis on knowledge transfer

  • Simplified and rapid methods to ensure that organizations save both time and money.

  • Flexible, easy to work with, and always accountable.

QIX Knows Healthcare Organization's Needs. We Support Healthcare and Only Healthcare.

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