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Security Risk Assessments

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It's a requirement to complete a Security Risk Assessment. Let us help you reduce the time, cost, and burden to get it done! Small Effort. Significant Benefits.

Working together we ensure you ...
  • Avoid costly breach remediation

  • Prevent disruption to patient care

  • Complete future audits timely

  • Preserve your reputation

  • Maintain eligibility for CMS and State reimbursement

The QIX approach is quick, yet comprehensive. Working together we can complete an SRA in 4 weeks or less. The whole process takes only 12 - 16 hours of your staff's time.

A Comprehensive SRA includes ...
  • Threat Analysis

  • Risk Analysis

  • IT Document Review

  • Physical Security Walkthrough

  • Vendor Management Review

  • Third Party Risk Management 

  • Ransomware Prevention

  • Vulnerability Assessment

  • Report that Details Critical Risks and Action Items

  • Remediation Workplan

The QIX SRA approach is based on the NIST framework. The same framework HHS and other Federal Agencies utilize. We've tailored it for smaller healthcare organizations to ensure that you are secure and ready for an audit. No need for a fire drill when the audit notice comes.

Organizations of all sizes can now attain security, privacy readiness, and IT risk management just like the big guys. At an affordable cost.

We Provide Everything You Need 

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